Friday, 25 February 2011

week 6- alright brahhhh

Have had the a very busy amazing week!
It started in typical Catherine manner by me forgetting my bags at Joburg airport, i then had to get someone to help me get my bags back-all went ok until i realised i had to bribe them to let me back through!! i had absoloutly zilch money so had to pay him with the remainder of my milka chocolate bars hahaha.
This week we have been round South Africa...Capetown is so gorgeous, brighton vibe but hotter and in Africa!
We then crossed the border to Namibia.......such an amazing country. huge mountains, canyons and the siccccckestttt sand dunes! Last night i went to a Namibian nightclub...definetly an experience!

On Friday i went sky diving over the Namibian desert......10,000 feet. it was increddddible. so so scary but so worth it! The video of me doing it is hilarious, just me yelling fuuuuuuuuuuuck the whole way down.. will upload it soon..
I am having such an amazing time and have met some amazing peopleeeee
Next week we are going to Botswana and Zambia!
 I miss everyone xxxx

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