Thursday, 17 February 2011

goodbye ghana!

I am waiting at ghana airport for my flight to Johannesburg and have about 3 hours to waste as i got here mega early, when i arrived i realized i had no money, and in typical this is Africa situation.....there is no cash point at the airport?! so i had to go on a random 15 minute walk......aaaaaah Ghana!
Had the most emotional last day at the orphanage, i miss the kids so much already and have had the most incredible 5 weeks, i feel they/this trip have made such an impact on my life and i definitely want to return!
Also my african mamaaaaaa jane gave me a gorgeous african dress as a goodbye present, it is amazing and i was very tempted to turn up at the airport in all my African attire.
I have just realised iv lost my memory card so no pictures or cute videos of Godwin or my beautiful dress. so guttttteedddddd :(.
On the plus side i have made friends with a Ghanaian pilot who says he will fly me straight to Cape Town..!

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