Thursday, 3 February 2011

week 3-paradise

On Saturday night me and Sara drunkenly decided we wanted to go to the beach..So the next day we got up at 6AM and made the 8 hour journey (!) to the coast! It was the most gorgeous place i've ever been to-and we met some amazing people :)... we stayed in those huts..and that is the picture of the beach that i have hung in a hammock and chilled at all week aah. It was so remote that to get phone signal i had to walk about 10 minutes down the road into the jungle and then stand on a chair haha!
Also we went to another village called Busua and made friends with some monkeys and did some surfing....its so different here than cornwall haha-no wetsuits warm water and HUGE waves!
After a 10 hour journey on the way back with a maniac tro tro driver and me needing the loo the whole 10 hours it was so good to be home and so lovely to see all the kids!
Today i had a dress made by a local lady-its gorgeous and was only 10 cedis overall-for fabric and the making of-that is about 5 pounds so very very happy ha!
We have 5 new volunteers- a mother and daughter from america...a girl from mexico.. another girl from wisconson and a guy from london! They are all really nice and its good to have some more people so we can take the v early mornings in shifts!Also one of the volunteers is really ill and has supposed malaria-very scary!
This weekend we are going to a monkey sanctury and the biggest waterfall in Ghana (in the volta region) which is really tribal and different to the south where we are so am very excited!
I miss everyoneeeeeeee

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