Monday, 7 March 2011

week 7/8-botswanaaa

Botswana is sicccccccccccck. They have elephants just casually strolling by the side of the main roads all the time. Whilst here we have stayed with some 'bushmen'-local people who live in the bush and still have a complet;ly primitive existence hunting animals and dancing round fires! It was an amazing experience to stay with them and so interesting to see how they live.We also went camping on the okovanga delta, getting there on tiny canoes was fun but once we had set up camp it rained the entire time!

At the moment we are staying in a little town just near the border of zimbabwe/zambia and we have been on a game drive (starting at 5.30am) and saw lions-and their cubs so cute! crocs, many elephants.....hippos, buffalos and warthogs- was amazing-see photos on facebook!This afternoon we are going on a river cruise-hopefully seeing more elephants/hippos/crocs.
And then tommorow we are off to Zambiaaaaaaa where we are staying on a tiny island in the zambezi river!
I can't believe im going to be home in less than a week :(! xoxo

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