Friday, 28 January 2011

week 2- t.i.a

Time is going so quickly, cant believe its been two weeks since i arrived. I feel so at home here already!
Everythings going has got so so hot here and today we decided to hike up the mountain (hill) -bad idea very sunburnt!
Last night we went for authentic ghanian dinner-fufu which you have to eat with your fingers...i attempted it but was far too spicy!
we have also moved house to a new bigger house in the middle of running water or electricity yet though....aah this is africa!

 Have uploaded some photos on facebook but here is a video of mercy being cute :) xxxxxxxx

Thursday, 20 January 2011

week one!

i am currently sitting in the local 'internet cafe' ( a tiny room with 5 very slow computers with mad sticky keyboards) with a  HUGE coconut that i brought at the local market that the guy hacked at with a machete so i could drink it. aaaaah africaaaaaaaaa!!!!
the first week here has been great :) we have a really nice house ...(although water and electricity aren't working so bucket baths and torches!!) and the kids are so so amazing!
We take it in turns each morning to wake the kids up, which means getting up at 4.30am!!! and then have to bathe them and help with breakfast and then walk them to school. We then have the day off till 2pm so have done various adventures in tro tro's (trucks that are meant to take 8 people but fill to about 20 each time) around the other villages and Accra. In the afternoons and evenings we spend time with the kids and help put them to bed. It's so heartbreaking as most of them sleep on the concrete floor without blankets or anything, so i was very emotional on the first day!!
It is SO hot and humid here and we have to drink water out of little plastic sachets which i always end up making a huge mess of.
Another  very stupid Catherine incident happened on Tuesday when i managed to electricute myself whilst putting my mosquito net up....i stuck the safety pin into the electric wire on the wall...que literal cartoon electric shock reaction. Lesson learned however, i just sleep with the mosquito net covering me instead of hanging it anywhere now hahaha
This weekend we are going down to Cape Coast to see cape coast castle and the kakum national park-a walkway canopy thing so really looking forward to that!!! :)
Will try to upload pictures soon
i miss everyoneeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Catherine xox

Thursday, 13 January 2011

and im offfffffffffffff!!!!!!!!

All packed and ready to go!!! in 8 hours i shall be touching down in Accra, GHANA!!

(hattie being upset at our 3 month separation!)

wish meeeeeeee luck!!!!!!!!!!!